Bingo games among the people

Bingo is one of the online casino Malaysia games played among the people. It is most popular game from the past to present, played in Malaysia casino 96Ace. Because it was simple to play. Here we use some types of card for playing. It is not normal cards, it is only used for the bingo game alone. This card cannot be used for other purpose of gambling games. In bingo casino we can use both slot machine and number card too. It is easy way to play, there is no rules for playing this game. So there is no rule book for this game. All can play this game with ease, even a kid can understand the trick of playing. Here we use only the numbers to play the game.

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Rules for playing the bingo:

Here we use 5 rows and 5 columns of boxes for playing the game. So there will be 25 boxes. Above the boxes bingo letters will be written. The box will have the numbers from 1 to 75.  In each column we need to fill the numbers by 15. In B column the numbers will be from 1 to 15, in I column numbers will range from 16 to 30, in N column the numbers will be from 31 to 45, in G column 46 to 60 numbers need to be filled and in last O column the numbers ranges as 61 to 75. This is how the numbers got split up in the box. The main thing is the center box will be empty. There will be no numbers filled in it. This is the basic theme for the bingo. Then the players need to start playing the game. This game can be played either as single player or in group. 3 sets of cards will be given to the people.

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Each card set will have 25 numbers. The players need to pick up the 5 cards in all. That is from 75 cards we can choose cards for playing. The numbers will automatically display on the slot machine. The main thing is our number and displayed number on the slot should be same. Our numbers should cut the numbers in the slot. The cut should be in straight line, sleeping line or diagonal line. Then only we can win the game. If our number and slot number were same means, we can cross out the number. This was the way to play the game. It is completely based on luck, because we need to choose the numbers by random only. We can’t predict the numbers. If we are playing with others, both need to pick their cards as their wish each and both need to cut the numbers in the slot. If anyone got first bingo cut then the player is consider as winner. It is so simple to play but we can’t win the game at ease because choosing the numbers will be difficult. But we can earn lot money. It is played all over the world. we need to choose the numbers carefully. Then we can win the game.


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